Why it works

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    Your Machine

    From tractors to excavators and everywhere in between, these impressive (and expensive) machines help clients and ourselves build a living. For your livelihood and theirs you need to protect these vehicles from damage at all costs.

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    Your Environment

    Whether you drive from job site to job site or across the entire country, you generate intensely powerful airflow when you travel. This airflow also brings along environmental debris like rocks, leaves and dust.

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    That air and debris forces its way into your machine via the exhaust. Forwards, backwards, sideways or straight, no matter the direction the exhaust is pointing, turbulent air will find a way to enter.

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    Your Turbo

    Once inside your machine and through the exhaust, this airflow forces the turbo's bearings to spin. Dust and debris also find their way into the machines internal nooks and crannys.

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    Your Broken Turbo

    This forced spin causes premature wear and tear. When the turbo spins but the machine is not on the turbo bearings do not have the proper lubrication that is normally provided while being used. Dirt and Debris are never good for an engine either.

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    Your Protection

    Luckily the Turbo saver is an economical way to prevent that premature wear on your machine's turbo, which can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. By successfully blocking all air and debris, you can be confident that you are looking out for your clients and your wallet's best interests.